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Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats

Ingredients 1/c cup jumbo oats 25g new york cheesecake whey protein Handful of chopped strawberries Heaped tsp milled flaxseed powder 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk Strawberries to garnish Method Combine the oats, protein, flaxseed and milk and mix well. Stir through the strawberries and pop Into the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight … Continue reading Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats


How Protein Dynamix Fuelled The World’s Strongest Man

What’s the recipe for strongman success? Clue: it contains buttermilk protein. If you’re truly serious about building muscle, food alone won’t cut it. You need to support your healthy appetite with supplements that’ll maximise the returns from your dedicated lifting. That’s exactly why we designed the Eddie Hall Signature Series, a heavyweight trio of mass … Continue reading How Protein Dynamix Fuelled The World’s Strongest Man

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