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Eddie Hall
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Strongman isn’t a past time, it’s a life style! If you want to lift the heaviest objects you can get your arms around you can’t just dip in and out of Strongman training, you have to commit every aspect of your life to becoming bigger and stronger than the man mountain stood next to you!

No one knows this more than Eddie Hall. Being blessed with brute strength is an absolute necessity, but if you don’t quite stack up to the god-like genetics of Žydrūnas Savickas or Brian Shaw, then you’ve got some extra work to do.

Eddie has dedicated his entire life to become the strongest man in the world and every element of his daily being is consumed by pushing his body to the limits of human ability. We’ve all seen Eddie train like ‘The Beast’ he is, performing unfathomable feats of strength on a daily basis. But to back this up and train like he does Eddie has to eat like a beast as well!

Muscles require energy, in the form of calories, to work. And the bigger those muscles are, the more calories they need. So, in this eye opening article we are going to take a look at a typical day of eating with UK’s Strongest Man and the world deadlift record holder Eddie Hall…

Time Food Supplements Approximate Calories
750ml antioxidant smoothie
30g DynaPro™ Gain
30g DynaPro™ Lean
800 kcal
9AM 8 egg omelette
100g oats
5 pieces of fruit
16.5g DynaGo™ Amino 2,200 kcal
Green tea mixed with 30g coconut oil75g almonds
30g Protein Dynamix Coconut Oil
750 kcal
1PM 300g chicken
500g rice
200g veg
40g DynaPro™ Mousse 1,400 kcal
3PM Smoothie: 3 bananas, 80g almonds, 300ml full fat milk and 50g peanut butter 50g Protein Dynamix Peanut Butter 1,300 kcal
4PM 1ltr cranberry juice 5g Creatine Mono
10g BCAAs
50g Maltodextrin
1g Taurine
750 kcal
6PM 1ltr butter milk
1ltr coconut water
30g DynaPro™ Gain
30g DynaPro™ Lean
Protein Dynamix Tablets
Total Creatine
Total Test
Total BCAA
Total MultiVit Sport
1,200 kcal
8PM Spaghetti Bolognese: 300g mincemeat, 300g spaghetti 2ltr fruit cordial with water 1 scoop lcarnitine 1,150 kcal
10PM Snack Dynabar™
40g DynaPro™ Mousse
500 kcal

This colossal menu results in a staggering 10,050 kcal of food consumed within a 24 hour period! The daily plan and calorific intake can vary dramatically throughout the year based around volume of training and competition preparation. It’s not unknown for Eddie to hit 15,000 kcals a day when he is at his most intense level of training and in his peak ‘bulk building’ training phase.