Cutting Transformations, Transformations

Transformation: Cutting Clever plan

Protein Dynamix have worked with nutrition experts and fitness professionals to produce the innovative Cutting Clever plan. This highly advanced 12-week transformation programme has been designed to help you achieve three major goals: Lose weight Lose fat Become leaner The Cutting Clever plan will push you to the next level, so you’ll need plenty of … Continue reading Transformation: Cutting Clever plan

Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Muffin Nutrition & Recipes

Chocolate Raspberry Protein Muffins

Not naughty and VERY nice If you’re craving chocolate, this healthy muffin recipe will satisfy those cravings whilst helping you hit your protein needs. Each delicious chocolate muffin provides 10g of protein in less than 130 calories and they taste amazing. The texture of these muffins is light and they’re super moist. Don’t forget to … Continue reading Chocolate Raspberry Protein Muffins

Bikini Transformations, Transformations

Transformation: Bikini Body Plan

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Wow! How do you get a body like that?” Well, we’ve produced the ultimate Bikini plan to answer that very question. Working together with nutrition experts and fitness professionals, we’ve developed this highly advanced 12-week transformation programme to take you through the process of getting the bikini … Continue reading Transformation: Bikini Body Plan