All You Need To Know About Maltodextrin

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Malto-what now? If you’re feeling unsure about what maltodextrin actually is and what it can do for you, check out our list of helpful facts and FAQ’S. Whether you’re new to the whole idea of maltodextrin or you’re just looking to widen your knowledge, you’ll be able to find all your questions answered below.

What is it?

Maltodextrin is a food additive (or a quality complex carbohydrate to be more specific), that originates from starch. It is sourced through a partial hydrolysis process, and usually comes in the form of a dried powder. It mainly comes from corn, but can also be produced from other natural ingredients such as potatoes, wheat and rice.

Did you know that it is very easily digestible? in fact it can be absorbed just as rapidly as glucose!

What does it do?

In a nutshell, maltodextrin provides a fast acting source of energy. It also acts as a source of glycogen support to your muscles, which is important for intense workouts. It is effective, and useful, whether you use it before, during or after workouts.

Does it have a taste?

Unlike other carbohydrates such as Dextrose and Fructose that are far sweeter, in comparison, with an extremely high sugar content, maltodextrin is less sweet. Most of the time, you will find that is has no taste at all, making it a less intrusive form of carbohydrate.

Who can benefit from maltodextrin?

If you’re someone who pushes their body to the limits and needs support FAST, then maltodextrin is right for you. For example, if you regularly compete in long marathons, maltodextrin can help to keep your energy and endurance levels high, without completely dehydrating you.

Bodybuilders are also big fans of maltodextrin as it can provide bulk, while keeping weight and calories down.

Nutritional information

Maltodextrin from Protein Dynamix™ has 802kJ/192kcal per a 50g serving, with 0g of fat, 47g of carbohydrates out of which only 4g is sugar, 0g of protein, 0g of fibre and 0g of salt. You can also choose from a 1kg pack which includes 20 servings or a 2.5kg pack that has 50 servings.

See, Maltodextrin isn’t that daunting! You can buy Maltodextrin from Protein Dynamix™ for a great affordable price, and you can easily incorporate it into your workout routine for optimum results. Got some more questions? Get in touch with us today!