How Protein Dynamix Fuelled The World’s Strongest Man

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What’s the recipe for strongman success? Clue: it contains buttermilk protein.

If you’re truly serious about building muscle, food alone won’t cut it. You need to support your healthy appetite with supplements that’ll maximise the returns from your dedicated lifting.

That’s exactly why we designed the Eddie Hall Signature Series, a heavyweight trio of mass gainer, creatine and intra-workout amino-acids that helped the man himself power to glory at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man.

Here “The Beast” explains why his nutrition made such a difference and reveals why, even if you’re not coming for his title, it can help you go from strength to strength.


The saying goes, “you are what you eat”, and no sport embodies this more than the gargantuan world of strongman. If you want to lift big you need to be big and to be big, you’ve guessed it, you need to eat BIG.

In 2017, they don’t come much bigger than Eddie “The Beast” Hall. This year the 6’3, 195kg heavyweight from Stoke fulfilled a lifetime ambition in winning the iconic World’s Strongest Man [WSM] – the first Brit since Gary Taylor in 1993.

It was the 29-year-old’s sixth tilt at the title, having come third – with a broken hand, no less – last year. So what made the difference this time round?

“Coming third, not winning it, put the fire in my belly,” says Hall, reflecting on the past 12 months. “I trained even harder, ate more, did more recovery, did more physio. I upped my game in every aspect.”


Leading up to the WSM final Hall was consuming 12,000 calories a day, relying on high fat, high-calorie foods to fill his mammoth frame.

“When training for strongman, food is the hardest thing,” says Hall. I’d rely on high fat, calorie-dense foods like steak, sausages, coconut oil and nuts. I had 20 daily alarms on my phone to remind me when to eat, including throughout the night. There’d be no point when wouldn’t have food or drink in my hand.”

He couldn’t afford to miss a meal. Just sitting still his body burned 5,000 calories to generate enough energy to keep his organs functioning. Think about how many more he needed to flip tyres, hurl Atlas stones and even pull multi-tonne passenger planes down the runway?

To get near his calorie target and support the four hours of weights and hour of cardio he put in every training day, Hall worked with the team at Protein Dynamix to create his own tailor-made supplement range, the Eddie Hall Signature Series.

“Eddie asked us to supercharge the key supplements he’s used throughout his strongman career,” says Jon Langton, Head Of Product at Protein Dynamix.

Hall’s three key priorities were to produce a mass gainer that would support his ultra-high calorie demands, create an intra-workout drink packed with amino acids to prevent his muscle breaking down and deliver his go-to supplement creatine in the most effective way possible.

“He challenged us to package the ingredients he believes in into the best supplements on the market,” says Langton. What they created was Hall’s missing ingredient for WSM immortality. 


For Hall it was important taste wasn’t compromised. “The Ultimate Gainer is the only shake made from buttermilk powder, meaning it’s that much more calorie dense and also has a great taste and texture,” says Hall.

On training days he would have four Ultimate Gainer shakes, two doses of Extreme Creatine on an eight week cycle to help him power through the toughest sessions and five to six doses of Power Amino so he could work at maximum capacity in workouts that sometimes lasted as long as three hours.

“We selected ingredients that are effective and useful throughout the day, not just pre- or post-exercise,” says Langton. “And we packed in a load of carbohydrates, protein and extra amino acids to support glycogen levels and protein synthesis, meaning Eddie could remain in an anabolic [muscle building] state throughout the day no matter how hard he beasted himself in training.”

And the range is also stacked with B vitamins which Langton argues are a massively under utilised tool in nutrition and supplementation. “They support so many different functions within the body. They play a huge role in energy metabolism from the food we eat and they’ve also been shown to reduce tiredness and fatigue while promoting immune health.”


With his diet upgraded, Hall started seeing results pretty quickly. “Every single week I could see improvements,” says Hall. “I’d be able to lift a little bit more weight or get in an extra few reps. My speed and endurance improved and everything came together.”

And the whole time he was building up to the WSM, Hall was breaking deadlift world records for fun. By the time the WSM final in Botswana arrived, Hall was a man on a mission, outperforming, out-powering and out-muscling the legends of the strongman circuit to clinch the title he’d always coveted.

Since that ultimate achievement Hall has vowed to give his body a rest and has scaled back his calorie intake to a bite-size 9,000 a day. “I’ve swapped the gainer for Protein Dynamix’s DynaPro Lean and fat burning ALCAR tablets, generally reduced my fats and carb intake for more protein and lost three stone in the process,” says Hall.

But if bulking up is your goal Hall stands by the power of the Signature Series. “If you stick with the products to the letter you could put on a good 6lb [2.7kg] of muscle a month, every month until you reach your goal,” he says.

Hall’s WSM title might feel a long way off on your lifting bucket list, but by following The Beast’s recipe for strongman success, you could find yourself emulating the big man sooner than you think.