How To Achieve Lean Muscle

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You’re ready to set out and get those lean, strong muscles you’ve always wanted, but you find yourself stuck in a rut with where to start, and what you can do to help the process. If this is ringing any bells, then follow our guide on how you can achieve lean muscle. We’ve put together our best tips and tricks, as well as essential supplements and powders you need to maximise results.

First things first…

You’ll need to start addressing your diet. If you want a lean and toned physique, you’ll need to lose fat mass to let those ripped muscles show through! With that being said,  you still need to make sure your diet is consistent, and filled with essential food groups such as eggs, veg or certain types of meat such as chicken.

A little extra help

Achieving a lean, muscular physique takes not only time, but constant maintenance and hard work. With all of your effort, your muscles will be begging for a protein boost, and that’s where our specially curated range of lean muscle protein and supplements comes in handy! Keep your weight under control with Total Ultraburn and increase your daily protein intake with whey protein concentrate.

Protein can not only help you to build your lean muscles, but it is also essential to help your muscles repair after intense sessions in the gym. Worn and weak muscles are no good, so keep them in top shape with the help of protein powders.

Mix weight training with cardio

Just like we’ve mentioned before, you not only need to build on your muscle’s size and strength, but you also need to keep fat levels to a minimum. You can do this by combining cardio exercises with weight training in the gym. We recommend weight training around 3-6 days in the week, and filling the rest with cardio (feel free to include more cardio and get that blood flow pumping).

The right mind set

You need to be committed and motivated to achieving this lean physique you’ve always wanted. Keep on top of your diet, work hard, push yourself and become the best version of yourself. Never give up on your goals.

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