Our team is getting stronger

Protein Dynamix
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We would like to introduce our latest member to the Protein Dynamix, Amanda Finnie our latest sponsored athlete. Amanda is a lifestyle & fitness guru. She’s been climbing the ranks over the past few years and her transformation is unbelievable! We’re really proud of having such a high calibre profile join us to help Protein Dynamix become the ‘Best In Class’ sport nutrition company in the world!

Amanda Finnie says:
“Really exited to announce, I am now a Protein Dynamix sponsored athlete. I’ve decided to join the team as after a couple of meetings and discussions and I love what they are about and what they aim to achieve. I’ve been able to see how the products are made, what goes into it them and have used them myself for a while now. Having a group of people that have faith and believe in me gives me the biggest motivation and I can’t wait to work hard this year and accomplish new goals!”

We can not wait to see what Amanda brings to the table for us and we’re proud to have her as our latest sponsored athlete. Please do check back for the latest updates and be sure to follow us on social media!