Food Series

Food Series

Luxurious and high-in-protein foods that provide the very best in functional nutritional support

Quality without compromise

Is what you need: easy, quick and convenient nutritious food options that give you a boost exactly when required but without you ever having to compromise on flavour or quality? If it is, you're in luck. Protein Dynamix™ can offer you all that and more. We've brought together a range of different foods - under the over-arching title Food Series - that are proven, affordable, and already widely used by fitness enthusiasts everywhere. That means you can make them part of your overall health and fitness strategy without breaking the bank, and without harbouring doubts that you could possibly find better food options elsewhere.

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  • DynaBar™

    Luxury high protein bar
    Officially Voted The Best Tasting Protein Bar On The Market!
    Massive 20g Of High Quality Protein Per Individual Bar
    Luxurious Caramel Layer
    Protein Never Tasted So Good


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  • Coconut Oil

    Organic virgin coconut oil
    Excellent Natural Source Of Healthy Fats Rich In Energy
    Healthy Alternative To Lesser Quality Cooking Oils & Spreads
    Cold Pressed For Natural Quality
    No Additives Or Preservatives


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  • Peanut Butter

    100% natural peanut butter
    100% Pure Peanut Butter With No Added Salt, Sugar Or Oil
    Great Tasting Source Of Protein From A Completely Natural Source
    Available In Smooth Or Crunchy
    Verstaile Cooking Ingredient


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  • DynaPro™ Mousse

    High protein mousse dessert
    The Most Luxurious High Protein Mousse Dessert Available
    Contains Slow Release Protein Blend For Sustained Protein Supply
    Ideal Before Bed & Inbetween Meals
    Seriously Addictive Protein Dessert


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