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It doesn't matter how effective a sports supplement product is, if it doesn't taste great too, you're not going to make it part of your weekly supplement stack. The good news is that Protein Dynamix™ sports supplements – such as Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, and Pre-Workout Formulas – tick both boxes: as you work towards achieving your fitness goals, enhance your fitness journey in a flavoursome way, enjoying and benefitting from a sports supplement product that works best for you.

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  • DynaPro™ Anytime Sample

    100% whey protein blend
    Contains More Protein Than Any Other Protein Blend On The Market
    High Protein Content Supports Muscle Growth & Maintenance
    Includes Added Micronized Leucine
    Luxurious And Great Tasting

    Regular Price: £1.99

    Special Price £1.49

  • Dynamo™ Sample

    Extreme preworkout formula
    Superior Preworkout Formula To Push Training To The Next Level
    Contains The Most Cutting Edge Preworkout Supplement Ingredients
    Ideal For Focus And Energy
    Great Tasting & Refreshing Flavours


  • DynaBar™ Sample

    Luxury high protein bar
    Officially Voted The Best Tasting Protein Bar On The Market!
    Massive 20g Of High Quality Protein Per Individual Bar
    Luxurious Caramel Layer
    Protein Never Tasted So Good

    Regular Price: £2.49

    Special Price £1.74

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3 Item(s)